Y Yoga Movie New Collectors Edition.

Remastered with both AC3 5.1 Discrete Surround Sound & Dolby Digital II.
plus Bonus 90 Minute Ally Hamilton Class from shoot

"Y Yoga Movie" is an award winning feature documentary which premiered during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado August 2008.

Since then, many people have discovered a better and healthier life from "Y Yoga Movie". In fact "Y" has had amazing resonance with school children, soldiers, maximum security prisoners & other people from all walks of life, on every inhabited continent including Bill Clinton, Donna Karan & many health professionals.

  • HD 1920x1080p + HD & SD ALL Formats + Perf-Lics. + Ally Hamilton 90m Class + AC3 5.1 & DolbyII

  • HD 1280x720p + HD 960x540p + SD ALL Formats + AC3 5.1 & DolbyII

  • SD 854x480p + 720x404p + AC3 5.1 & DolbyII

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"BoardHeads the movie" is an award winning feature documentary.

"BoardHeads" is a feature length documentary on the fascinating cultures of BoardRiders around the world, and how we're all connected. Not only Surfers, but SkateBoarders, SnowBoarders, WindSurfers, WakeBoarders and KiteSurfers…anyone riding ANY board on every conceivable surface is a BoardHead! We all share the stoke of boardriding and that's what makes us a Global Tribe. Even bodyboarders, sandboarders, skimboarders, skysurfers and gamers are part of the clan.

"BoardHeads" was film in High Definition. This is the Standard Definition digital download. HD version will soon be available too.

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